Late Night: Adele Wedding, Spider-Man 2 Passover & OJ Miniseries


Late Night: Adele & GOP Minority Voters

Jimmy Fallon addressed some Adele wedding rumors, Saxby Chambliss’ comments on gay marriage, and much more in his monologue to kick off the show.

Jimmy Fallon: Adele Wedding Rumors


Late Night: Adele Wedding, Spider-Man 2 Passover & OJ Miniseries

Jimmy Fallon made light of the Adele wedding rumors, the impending O.J. Simpson trial miniseries coming to Fox, and Spider-Man 2’s break for Passover. (Featureflash /

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon took the stage to share his thoughts about the day’s news and events. Are Adele and her boyfriend getting ready for a wedding soon? If so, Fallon predicted “a sad version of the Chicken Dance.”

The Miami Heat are on a 24-game winning streak, and Fallon said that it has been a very long time since they lost a game. Conan O’Brien was the host of The Tonight Show and Honey Boo Boo was a term of affection.


Late Night: Saxby Chambliss Gay Marriage

Republican senator Saxby Chambliss said he does not support gay marriage because he is not gay. That seems like some fallible logic, and Fallon might have done well to craft a better joke.

The GOP is investing $10 million to reach out to minority voters “to ask them not to vote,” according to Jimmy.

The Pope is still getting settled in at the Vatican, and Fallon said that they still don’t recognize his voice. To illustrate this, he used a vaguely racist joke recording with Italian accents.

Jimmy Fallon: Spider-Man 2 Passover

The filming of Spider-Man 2 has tweaked its schedule so as not to interfere with the Jewish holiday of Passover. Fallon imagined a Jewish version of the franchise, with a Woody Allen type as the lead character.

A new species of dinosaur has been named for a five-year-old girl who first discovered its remains, but Jimmy said that the name would probably not be as intimidating as the old dinosaur names.

Late Night: OJ Simpson Miniseries

Starbucks has purchased a large farm in Costa Rica, which Fallon suggested they could use to store unpurchased Sarah McLachlan CDs.

Fox is commissioning a new miniseries about the ins and outs of the OJ Simpson trial, which will either be interesting or terrible. Jimmy suggested that at least this way, the jury will finally know the real story.


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