Jimmy Fallon Vs Jay Leno Late Night Wars & MLB Spring Training Report


Jimmy Fallon: Late Night News

Jimmy Fallon had some of the fastest breaking and most important stories facing us and our culture this week with Night News Now. Plus, is a battle between Jimmy Fallon Vs Jay Leno brewing in the late night wars?

Late Night Wars: Jimmy Fallon Vs Jay Leno

Jimmy Fallon Vs Jay Leno Late Night Wars & MLB Spring Training Report

Will the next saga in the late night wars pit Jimmy Fallon vs Jay Leno? (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


With NBC floundering, new rumors are surfacing in The Hollywood Reporter that it may be time for Jay Leno to retire after the 2013-2014 TV season. His heir apparent is Jimmy Fallon, whose show is more popular than Jay’s with younger viewers. Do you think there is any truth to this speculation?

It was not long ago that the late night world was upended when NBC tried to force Jay out in favor of successor Conan O’Brien. That ended badly, with Leno being returned to his former slot and Conan defecting to cable network TBS. Will Jay finally be facing retirement, or is this all just gossip yet again? Stay tuned.

Jimmy Fallon: Night News Now

Talk show host Larry King weighed in on his favorite models of PlayStation game systems. Then actor Bryan Cranston said, “hmm…well” in an interview, and three-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis was also the butt of a joke. This quick segment reminded me of Jimmy Kimmel’s This Week In Unnecessary Censorship.


Jimmy Fallon: Major League Baseball Spring Training

Anne Hathaway had a memorable award season, but all those acceptance speeches have deepened her voice, according to Late Night.

With Major League Baseball spring training underway, Jimmy’s sports reporter gave an update on the spring so far, but he changed all his Ss to SHs, resulting in a lot of lisping.

Late Night: George Washington History Corner

George Washington, the nation’s first president, was the subject of Jimmy Fallon’s History Corner. This week, the show offered an unprecedented 3D rendering of what the nation’s father may have looked and sounded like. It was a rudimentary animation with an automated robotic voice, so I would say there is still some work to do on this simulation.

Jimmy Fallon: The Bachelor Finale

In global news, the Late Night staff dubbed international news footage with an inane and embarrassing personal anecdote.

With just two contestants left on The Bachelor, Jimmy thought this would be the perfect time to turn Sean Lowe’s face upside down in video footage from the show. It actually might be more watchable in this format. What do you think?


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