Jimmy Fallon: Quidditch World Cup, NYC Costumes & Late Night Instagram


Late Night: Mattel & Instagram Pets

Jimmy Kimmel shared his thoughts about the Quidditch World Cup, the Mattel Barbie Dolls of the World controversy, and shared your Instagram photos of weird pet pictures. Plus, what’s the latest wrinkle in the “Accidental Racist” story?

Jimmy Fallon: Quidditch World Cup

South Korean pop star Psy, known for “Gangnam Style,” is preparing to release his next new song. That should just serve to further incite North Korea.


Jimmy Fallon: Quidditch World Cup, NYC Costumes & Late Night Instagram

Jimmy Fallon talked about the Quidditch World Cup, a potential costume ban in New York City’s Times Square, and the hashtag #mypetisweird on Instagram. (PiXXart / Shutterstock.com)

Fallon said that the Quidditch World Cup is being held this weekend in Florida, based on a fictional game from the Harry Potter book series. “The only difference is the players can’t fly, the balls don’t have wings and magically change direction,” he explained.

Late Night: Mattel Barbie Dolls of the World

Mattel’s Dolls of the World are under attack for reinforcing negative cultural stereotypes. Imagine Barbie being criticized for setting a bad example.


The Mexico Barbie, according to Jimmy, is holding a chihuahua, “while the doll from China is 10 years old and making one of the Dolls of the World.”

Jimmy Fallon: MTV Movie Awards

Actor Brad Pitt will appear at the MTV Movie Awards to present for Movie of the Year. Will you be tuning in?

LL Cool J and Brad Paisley talked about “Accidental Racist” on Good Morning America. LL attempted to explain that wearing a skull and crossbones does not make him a pirate. The analogy is getting lost somewhere in translation.

Late Night: New York City Costumes

Jimmy explained that the Playboy Bunny house is on the market for $11 million. He said that you can tell it used to house the bunnies, because “it looks good, but there’s nothing going on upstairs.”

New York City may ban people from wearing costumes in Times Square. This comes after a Cookie Monster impersonator shoved a two-year-old. What do you think about this proposed change?

Jimmy Fallon: Late Night Instagrams

Instagram is the social app that lets you connect with friends by sharing photos. Jimmy started a hashtag called #mypetisweird, to elicit responses from viewers and fans.

Thousands of responses poured in, such as a dog inhaling air conditioning, and another pet sitting on a couch in a human pose. Another fan’s cat peered around the corner in the background.

What’s the weirdest thing your pet has ever done? Did you get a picture of it?


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