Jimmy Fallon: Prince Concert Review & Late Night Thank You Notes


Late Night: Jimmy Fallon Prince Concert

Prince was Jimmy’s musical guest for the night, which meant a lot of musical memories for the Late Night crew, including house band The Roots. Find out how Chris Rock got Jimmy Fallon to see his first Prince concert and then see who was on this week’s Thank You Notes list.

Jimmy Fallon & Questlove Prince Concert

Jimmy Fallon: Prince Concert Review & Late Night Thank You Notes

Jimmy Fallon shared his personal Prince concert review, which featured Questlove from The Roots. Plus, Jimmy caught up on his Late Night Thank You Notes. (Northfoto / Shutterstock.com)


Since Jimmy Fallon has never seen Prince live in concert, he was very excited to have him on the show as a guest. Chris Rock was incredulous when Jimmy once told him this; Rock demanded that Fallon see Prince.

So Fallon took Questlove to see a Prince concert. “I don’t know how he can do splits and play guitar,” Jimmy said. He declined an invitation to dance onstage with the pop star.

But it was Questlove who eventually managed to cajole him onto the stage, only to leave him stranded there alone after Prince made his exit


What is the most memorable concert experience you have ever had?

Jimmy Fallon: President Obama & Benjamin Franklin

On Fridays, Fallon likes to tidy up some housekeeping by writing his Thank You Notes. He wrote to President Obama to thank him for suggesting that the US stop producing pennies.

Also on his list was Benjamin Franklin, “for discovering electricity and the mullet.” This led to Jimmy’s impression of Adam Sandler as Ben Franklin.

Late Night: Thank You Notes

He also thanked society for agreeing that if one person takes a phone out of their pocket, it’s OK for everyone to check their phones.

Fallon also thanked rhinoceroses “for being the unicorn’s gross older brother” and “flickering fluorescent bulbs” for being a harbinger of doom.

Then it was time to thank scissors, which he calls “Siamese knives.” Who would you like to thank this week, and why? Tell me in the comments.


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