Jimmy Fallon Late Night: 2013 Super Bowl Ad Cost & Joe Flacco Boring?


Late Night: Joe Flacco & President Obama

The Late Night guest list included Jude Law. But first, in his monologue, Fallon talked about the 2013 Super Bowl ad cost and President Obama on Telemundo. Plus, is Joe Flacco boring?


Jimmy Fallon: Ray Lewis & Jim Harbaugh

Jimmy Fallon Late Night: 2013 Super Bowl Ad Cost & Joe Flacco Boring?

On Late Night, host Jimmy Fallon talked about the rising 2013 Super Bowl ad cost for the big game. Also, is this year’s MVP Joe Flacco boring? (Action Sports Photography / Shutterstock.com)

Back in January, there were rumors that Ray Lewis “may have used a performance enhancing substance called deer antler extract,” Fallon said. “Which explains how Lewis has been preparing for Sunday’s game, staring into a set of headlights.”

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh said that we are spending too much time on “the Facebooking and the Tweeter,” which Jimmy said evoked Bill Cosby rather than a modern-day NFL coach.


Late Night: 2013 Super Bowl Ad Cost

According to Jimmy Fallon, an average Super Bowl party has 17 guests: “16 friends and that one guy who cornered you at work Friday afternoon.”

Super Bowl advertising was up to new heights in 2013, with 30-second spots going for $4 million. Jimmy said that marketers would have to find creative ways to get their message out in this economy, such as micro-ads.

Jimmy Fallon: Joe Flacco Boring?

A monkey randomly chose the 49ers to win the Super Bowl. Fallon also said that Joe Flacco was being called boring by observers, and even “dull” by his own father.

Jimmy read Joe Flacco’s thoughts during some recent games, such as “I like plain, dry toast” and “I wonder if the PT Cruiser comes in beige.” Finally, then there was, “I was thinking of buy new jeans yesterday, but then I didn’t.”

Since the initial broadcast of this episode, Flacco has signed a contract to become the highest paid NFL player in history.

Late Night: President Obama Telemundo

President Barack Obama had an interview on Telemundo to promote his immigration plan. Fallon made a soccer joke about Obama’s immigration goals.

A woman is retiring from the postal service after 44 years, during which she did not take a single sick day. I bet she is in great shape, too. Working for the post office seems like a great way to do a lot of walking and occasional lifting.


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