Jimmy Fallon: Fantasy Pope Draft & Cupid’s Arrow Video Dating


Late Night: Cupid’s Arrow & John Kerry

Jimmy Fallon suggested the Fantasy Pope Draft and shared a glimpse at Cupid’s Arrow, a fictitious online dating service from days gone by.

Jimmy Fallon: Fantasy Pope Draft

Pope Benedict hung up his hat on February 28. Jimmy said there is a fantasy pope draft to help predict who will be chosen as the replacement.


Google is among those urging the Supreme Court to legalize same sex marriage. This move would make businesses more competitive, the company claimed.

Late Night: John Kerry Speaks French

Jimmy Fallon: Fantasy Pope Draft & Cupid's Arrow Video Dating

Jimmy Fallon joked about the fantasy pope draft, the government spending cutbacks, John Kerry, and Cupid’s Arrow video dating service from the 1980s. (Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com)


At a press conference, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke in French, which sounds impressive. But according to Fallon’s translation, Kerry’s words were unimpressive and relied on a limited understanding of the language. “My wife is ketchup master,” the joke translation said, which would be weirder if Kerry wasn’t married to Teresa Heinz.

Jack Lew has been confirmed by the Senate as the new treasury secretary. But he could be in danger of being laid off with those automatic spending cuts, Jimmy joked.

Jimmy Fallon: Justin Bieber Pants

Justin Bieber wore a wild outfit and some amazingly baggy pants, which had Fallon saying that he must be “down in the dumps” after breaking up with Selena Gomez.

GM has announced that it will add AT&T service to its cars beginning in 2014, which should lead to dropped horn honks in the future.

Late Night: NFL Rumors & Manti Te’O

The NFL is looking into rumors that players are asking players about their orientation before drafting them. “They’ve been asking college players questions like, ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ and ‘Is she real?’”

Jimmy Fallon: Cupid’s Arrow

Studio 6B is a historic location at New York’s Rockefeller Plaza, according to Jimmy Fallon, whose show now calls it home. Previous occupants have included Texaco Star Theater and NBC News. But the best of all was the 1980s video dating service Cupid’s Arrow, and Jimmy showed a tape of some applicants.

Late Night: Video Dating Bloopers

In beautiful ‘80s synthesized neon, Cupid’s Arrow introduced some eligible bachelors, including Barry Sparrow and Chiz Dippler. Brustin Pouch was also among the candidates, as well as Jaxx Martin and two brothers.

The characters were played by Late Night personalities including Jimmy and announcer Steve Higgins. Another of the men was a flute player, while Jaxx showed off his many rings and the stories behind them.

Jimmy Fallon: Chizz Dippler 1980s Video Dating

Dieter Gutboots and Chizz Dippler were among the representatives of some bygone 1980s stereotypes. James Spadge said that he could not digest solids as a child, which is definitely unique.

“I’m looking for a girl that can testify on my behalf,” Gutboots said. Pouch warned that he once had a heart attack, which he initially mistook for a panic attack. It’s hard to believe that video dating was once a trend, but I guess that’s what future generations will say about online dating.

“I’m sure some of those guys are still available,” Fallon promised at the end of the tape. What do you think is the best way to meet someone if you are single and looking for a relationship?


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