Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Mariah Carey Dress Wardrobe Malfunction


Jimmy Fallon: Mariah Carey American Idol Feud

American Idol has become less of a show about average people becoming great singers and more about Mariah Carey feuding with Nicki Minaj. The two even started the first episode of the season off with a feud and half of it wasn’t even caught on camera because they weren’t even rolling yet. Plus, the feud on the first day was over a hat Minaj was wearing.

Could there be more feuding in the future? It seems to be that way.


Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Mariah Carey Dress Wardrobe Malfunction

Jimmy Fallon invited Mariah Carey on his show to talk about her recent wardrobe malfunction, what American Idol has been like and her new single “Almost Home.” (s_bukley /

Jimmy Fallon: Mariah Carey Wardrobe Malfunction

Mariah Carey has joined the wardrobe malfunction club and it wasn’t just in front of the paparazzi. While on stage giving a cake to her friend Jermaine Dupri at the So So Def 20th Anniversary Concert in Atlanta, Mariah Carey lifted her arms a little too high for her strapless dress and her strapless dress slipped down just a little further than she probably wanted.

Jimmy Fallon: Mariah Carey Back On the Charts

For the first time since becoming a judge on American Idol, Mariah Carey is back on the charts for a soundtrack single from the forthcoming album for the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. The song, titled “Almost Home,” came in at number 18 on the R&B charts this week and it is the first time Carey has ever had a single on the chart.


She has now joined the elite of American Idol judges with only a few of them ever having songs on the charts during their time as judges on the show. Paula Abdul did it twice while she was on the show, Jennifer Lopez had a few hit the charts and Steven Tyler even had a single reach the charts, his song “It Feels So Good.”


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