Jimmy Fallon: Al Roker Never Goin’ Back Review & Matt Pond Performance


Jimmy Fallon: Jennifer Lawrence Loves Al Roker

It may be a bit of old news right now, but there is no way Al Roker is ever going to get a better compliment than Jennifer Lawrence telling him he was the only person she wanted to see on the red carpet. She said she used to watch Al Roker all the time when she was younger, also making sure to watch the Today Show before heading off to school.

“Everybody’s talking about who they’re excited to see tonight, and it’s always you,” said an excited Jennifer Lawrence when she finally got to meet Roker on the red carpet.


Jimmy Fallon: Al Roker Never Goin' Back Review & Matt Pond Performance

Jimmy Fallon will talk with Al Roker about his weight loss, being Jennifer Lawrence’s favorite weatherman and Matt Pond will perform his new single. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Jimmy Fallon: Al Roker Never Goin’ Back Review

Al Roker has had a rocky relationship with his weight. In 2002 he was able to get rid of his “round” self when he went under the knife during gastric bypass surgery. Roker was able to lose 100 pounds from the surgery but he put 40 back on since the surgery. It isn’t a setback though. Roker knows he has to stay disciplined and he says in his new book, Never Goin’ Back, that he will never get back to his heaviest weight again, a large 320 pounds.

Roker knows it is going to be hard, but he is determined to keep the weight off. He actually made a point once when talking with reporters saying food addiction is the worst addiction because you still have to eat. For drug users, they can get to a point where they put the drugs down and stop, but everyone has to eat.


Jimmy Fallon: Matt Pond The Natural Lines Review

Matt Pond has an EP and an LP coming out in 2013, The Natural Lines and The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand, with the latter coming out earlier this year. Matt Pond will be stopping by Jimmy Fallon March 7 2013 to play a new single from one of the albums.

Matt Pond has mostly made his name penning songs for television shows and for commercials, although he said he doesn’t do it intentially. He feels blessed to be a part of music saying he writes a lot of music and some of it just happens to get picked up for different kinds of work.


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