Katie’s Wonder Kids: Child Piano Prodigies & Pushing Your Kids Too Far


Katie: Child Prodigies

On March 1, meet these kid wonders: a four-year-old martial arts champ, an eight-year-old hip hop master, a nine-year-old football star, a five-year-old pool player, a girl who learned piano before she learned to use the potty, a spelling bee champion and some kids that performed for the President.

Katie's Wonder Kids: Child Piano Prodigies & Pushing Your Kids Too Far

On March 1, Katie’s wonder kids are taking center stage to show you their amazing talents.


Katie’s Wonder Kids

With all the pressures of college, doing well in school and sports, these kids make it all look easy. They are smart and talented and they’ve caught Katie Couric’s eye.

Watch as a pint-sized football hero steals the ball and wins the game. Or the pool prodigy that can do trick shots until the sun goes down. These kids love what they do and they love being kids.

Move over Abby Lee Miller, your dancers have nothing on this hip hop master. This kid’s head spinning has us all feeling a little dizzy. What about the little girl that played piano before she was out of diapers?


All of this talent is truly amazing, and I now feel like I let my parents down.

Katie: Pushing Kids Too Far

While these kids all seem to love what they do and excel in healthy ways, pushing kids too far is never a good idea. Dr. Phil did a show with coaches and parents that pushed teens too far. Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu was in hard training mode as a teen. She said that her coach and father pushed her to a dark place and destroyed her self confidence.

Dr Phil suggested that the kids who feel pushed too hard should tell their parents. Sometimes it takes a wake up call to let them know they are doing something wrong. Parents can have a blindness to their actions when they think they are doing their best for the kids. In the same episode, a mom told Dr. Phil that if she didn’t push her daughter she wouldn’t succeed. She was afraid that her daughter would be nothing.

While Katie’s Wonder Kids are all amazing at what they do, they are also child prodigies. Don’t push your kids too far, if they are born to be piano players in diapers, it will happen.


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