Katie: Vanna White 30 Years on Wheel of Fortune & Sandra Lee Recipes


Katie: Vanna White Celebrates 30 Years Of Wheel Of Fortune

Katie Couric has an exclusive interview with Vanna White who is celebrating 30 years on Wheel of Fortune. From her first day on the show to the latest episode, White has seen it all and she is ready to talk about how much fun she has had working on the show. She is opening up about her favorite moments on the show and the times she will always remember as well as all the wonderful times she is looking forward to having. Plus, she talks about one of the few times she messed up a word and turned the wrong letter.

Katie: Vanna White 30 Years on Wheel of Fortune & Sandra Lee Recipes

Katie April 30 2013 talks with Vanna White about being on Wheel of Fortune for 30 years and Sandra Lee has some cheap, easy to make recipes to share.
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Katie is even putting White on the spot with a montage of her best and worst outfits on the show, but it is all in good fun. No one can look fashionable when you look back how they dressed in the 1980s. Those were some embarrassing years for fashion.

Katie: Women Reclaim Domesticity

Katie is sitting down a number of women who are heading from the office and back into the household. These women are discussing their reasons for reclaiming their domesticity at home and why they think more women should be stay at home mothers.

Could this be a blow to women’s rights or are these women just doing what other women are too scared to go back to? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


Katie: Become a Domestic Goddess

The women who are reclaiming their homes are also going over their best tips for becoming a domestic goddess during crunch time, from the best meals to make in a pinch to the best cleaning supplies you need to keep on hand in case your husband’s boss is coming over for a surprise dinner. Plus, they’ll share the best at-home canning methods. These women are teaching you how to have a shame-free canning game.

Feel free to leave your own domestic tricks and tips for everyone else to try at home.

Katie: Sandra Lee Recipes

The Food Network’s Sandra Lee is also stopping by to go over some delicious recipes that will fill your stomach without emptying your wallet.



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