Katie: Tom Arnold Fatherhood, Grandmother Surrogate & US Infertility


Katie Couric: US Infertility

Katie Couric has a very emotional episode June 18 2013. She is covering the topic of infertility in America. Many men and women have struggled to have a child but sometimes the odds are against them. Katie Couric talks with parents who have adopted children, parents who became parents against all odds and a women who did what she had to do to for her daughter to get pregnant.

Tom Arnold 23 Year Struggle to Become a Father

Katie Couric: Tom Arnold A Father After 23 Years & Infertility in USA

Katie Couric June 18 2013 is talking with Tom Arnold about his 23 year struggle to become a father and she meets a grandmother who carried her own grandson.


For 23 years Tom Arnold struggled to become a father and he is ready to open up about his journey.

“I wanted a child,” said Tom Arnold through tears of joy as he talked about his new son, Jax Copeland Arnold. He opens up about his new marriage, his first born child and what it means to him to finally have become a father.

Katie Couric: Elisabeth Rohm on Hollywood, Babies and Aging

Hollywood can be a rough place for any woman, especially one that has become pregnant. Katie Couric is inviting Elisabeth Rohm on the show to talk about Hollywood’s dirty little secret when it comes to aging and getting pregnant.


Rohm is also going to discuss her own struggles with pregnancy and why she made the decision to have a child through in vitro fertilization.

Katie: Grandmother Surrogate for Own Daughter

Katie Couric is also going to be talking with a grandmother who decided to carry the child of her daughter, essentially giving birth to her own grandson. This amazing woman did whatever it would take to allow her daughter to have a baby, even if it meant carrying the child herself.

Find out what it was like for this woman to be 60 years old and pregnant again.


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