Katie: The Sandy Hook Promise & Dealing With Tragedy After a Shooting


Katie: Voices From Newtown

On March 4, Katie Couric is visiting the families affected by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. In a town hall edition of Katie, she talks to the parents that lost their children and the community that is reeling from tragedy.

Katie: The Sandy Hook Promise & Dealing With Tragedy After a Shooting

On March 4, the families of Sandy Hook elementary talk to Katie Couric about how they are coping with the tragic school shooting. (Gina Jacobs / Shutterstock.com)

  • Nicole Hockley, whose son Dylan, 6, was killed. 
  • Bill Scherlach, whose wife, Mary, was the school psychologist.
  • Mark and Jackie Barden, whose son Daniel, 7, was killed.
  • David and Francine Wheeler, whose son Benjamin, 6, was killed.
  • Jeremy and Jennifer Richman, who lost their daughter Avielle, 6.
  • Rebecca and Steve Kowalski, whose son Chase, 7, was killed.
  • Gilles and Joyce Rousseau, whose daughter, Lauren Rousseau, 30, was a teacher at Sandy Hook.
  • Jimmy Green and Nelba Máquez-Greene, who lost their daughter Ana.

Katie will broadcast from Town Hall in Newtown. The parents talk about honoring their sons’ and daughters’ memories and how they are coping with the tragedy. Also present at the town hall meeting is Colin Goddard, the man who was shot four times during the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007. He made a documentary, “Living for 32,” about gun shows.

Katie: Gun Control Debate

In addition to talking to the families, another group of helpful citizens join Katie to talk about gun control and preventing this kind of tragedy. She talks to the group about how the country can have reasonable debates about gun control and how to best protect our schools.

Lee Shull founded The Sandy Hook Promise, a group that focuses on talking about and educating people on responsible gun use and mental health issues. UCLA Professor of Law Adam Winkler and Columbia professor Dr. Paul Appelbaum will join the group for a discussion about guns and mental health. Wendy Davenson is a therapist and she has been helping the families dealing with grief and trauma. Monsignor Robert Weiss has ministered to the victims’ families in the wake of the shooting.


Katie: The Sandy Hook Promise

The Sandy Hook Promise is a grassroots organization created after the shooting. It is a support system for the families of victims and survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting. They encourage a conversation about common sense solutions and the issues raised after the tragedy.


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