Katie: Synthetic Marijuana & “Molly” Drug Increased Use With Teens


Katie: Dangerous Trends Your Kids Are Into

Do you think you know your kids? Think again. What are your kids doing that you don’t know about? Teens and their parents talk to Katie Couric openly about the new trends that kids are getting into. This is not an episode for parents to miss.

Katie: Synthetic Marijuana

Texas teen Emily went into a coma and was nearly brain dead after experimenting with synthetic marijuana. Her parents talk to Katie on today’s episode to alert others to the dangerous drug. They thought they would lose Emily forever.


Katie: Synthetic Marijuana & "Molly" Drug Increased Use With Teens

Katie is exploring the world of teens and drugs, including new club drugs and synthetic marijuana.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse said there is nothing natural about this product. Often called “Spice,” synthetic marijuana is full of chemicals, like acetone, and very little dried plant material. It’s often sold as incense and resembles potpourri. It is smoked or put in a drink and the packaging of “K2 Summit,” a popular “Spice” brand,” warns on the label not to consume.

Katie: “Molly” Club Drug

While you may think your kids are just dancing, they may be meeting up with “Molly.” A club drug, “Molly” causes brain damage and death. The drug has been around for years, but has recently found a new fan base with teens. It’s also known as MDMA. It causes heart palpitations and sweating. The drug is supposed to make you feel the music in new ways. The pills are also affordable, giving kids something new to do with their lunch money.


A family tells Katie that their daughter was addicted to this club drug. How do you know if your kids are into “Molly?” They will tell you how they found out and the warning signs you need to watch for.

Katie: Dangerous Dares

Do you remember playing truth or dare? How your friends would make you do things you thought were completely crazy? The standard for crazy then and now is very different. Kids are jumping fire on their bikes on Katie. 

Teen are also telling Katie why they throw parties. Only, these parties are not what anyone would expect. With the effects of drugs and rush to do something new, teens are exploring highly physical and raunchy rendezvous.


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