Katie: Supreme Court Considers Gay Marriage, Gay Couples Share Stories


Katie: The Gay Marriage Debate

On March 26 2013, Katie Couric talks to families fighting for their rights. The Supreme Court is considering making gay marriage legal. Katie asks her guests, “what does it mean to be gay in America?”

Katie: Supreme Court Considers Gay Marriage, Gay Couples Share Stories

On March 26 2013, Katie Couric talks to gay families about their struggle for equality.


Katie: Fighting For Family

Katie talks to gay parents about raising their kids. These parents say that they should all be given the chance to love. Then, a father who was living a lie comes clean and a young man comes to terms with his sexuality.

Also in this episode, Katie reads the reply from the White House to a letter from a little girl. She asked President Obama what he would do if he had two dads and kids at school teased him.

Katie: Gay Families On TV

The times are changing. The gay marriage debate has been going on for years, but with a legal decision just around the corner it’s really reached a head. Hollywood has been embracing this change in society.


I can remember My So-Called Life and the stress and hardship that young Rickie Vasquez endured at school. He was mercilessly teased, but he provided a portrait for American teens. That was the 90’s, and today we have even more examples on TV and in movies.

Modern Family has the beloved characters Mitch and Cam with their adorable daughter Lily. They gave a voice to gay parents that want to adopt and raise a family just like everyone else. One of my favorite shows is NBC’s The New Normal. Brian and David are a gay couple that is having their first baby. They show the world with each episode that they are just like every other young family.

On March 26 2013, Katie helps by giving another voice to the gay marriage debate.


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