Katie: Super Shoppers Money Saving Tips for Groceries, Clothes & More


Katie: Making Money Work for You – Secrets of the Super Shoppers

Katie Couric is all about helping her fans save money. She invited two super savers onto her show to demonstrate how it is possible to save  hundreds of dollars a year on things like groceries, clothing, travel and even makeup.

The Food Network’s Melissa d’Arabian has all the shopping tips you need to remember the next time you head to the grocery store. Katie Couric is also talking with consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch about saving money on everything else.


Katie: Super Shoppers Money Saving Tips for Groceries, Clothes & More

Katie May 22 2013 is bringing on some super shoppers to share their best money saving tips along with investor Daymond John to share his business advice.

All three of the women are going to have some excellent tips on how a family with two children can save over $1,000 by following a few simple tips at the grocery store. They even have some serious money saving tips for makeup. They are teaching everyone how to get certain cosmetic procedures free, along with some free product.

There isn’t anything better than free and there is no better way to save some big bucks.


For all the skeptics out there who think Katie Couric is just bringing on some random strangers, giving them fancy titles and then coming up with odd tips to save money, Katie is taking the advice herself and heading to the store to prove that the new saving skills on her show really work.

She is going to a true super shopper.

Moms Who Made Big Money with Big Inventions

Katie is also inviting three invention savvy mothers on the show to talk about the inventions they came up that changed their lives forever. She even talks with one mother who said her invention makes around $200 million a year in revenue.

For all the other mothers out there who want to become investors in these types of people, Katie is inviting investor Daymond John, from Shark Tank, to join her on stage and share some of his best business secrets.


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