Katie Show: Dr Ian Smith SHRED Diet Atlanta Results & Sherri Shepherd


Katie Couric May 20 2013

It’s a day of amazing weight loss results on Katie Couric’s May 20 episode. Find out how Dr Ian Smith is taking Atlanta by storm with his SHRED Diet. Plus, The View host Sherri Shepherd will talk with Katie about how she got control of her life and her weight. That’s coming up on Monday’s episode.

Katie Show: Dr Ian Smith SHRED Diet Atlanta Results

Katie Show: Dr Ian Smith SHRED Diet Atlanta Results & Sherri Shepherd

Katie Couric is learning how Dr Ian Smith’s SHRED Diet Atlanta experiement turned out on her May 20 episode. Sherri Shepherd will talk about diabetes. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


He is the author of The SHRED Diet, and Dr Ian Smith made it his mission to take on the city of Atlanta and sell them on his diet plan. Even the mayor tried the program. Find out how the city did for the six-week plan. Did it really get them in better shape?

Dr Ian Smith will be talking about the results they saw and what his plan could do in your life. Tune in Monday to find out about this diet program that everyone has been talking about this year.

Is it possible to lose four inches from your waist and two sizes from your closet? Find out what will happen for those who saw phenomenal, life-changing results. Katie is promising a few surprises.


Katie Couric: Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss

Sherri Shepherd’s life changed forever when she learned she had diabetes. Find out what she did to get her life back on track, and what inspired her to take the steps she knew were necessary.

She says that her dieting gave her “crack energy,” which might send the wrong message, but I guess we’ll see.

Sherri is the author of Plan D, and she will be sharing her personal story of struggle and success on Katie Couric’s May 20 2013 show. Tune in so you don’t miss this one.

Have you ever found a diet plan that really worked for you? There are so many to choose from, but which ones actually stick, and what makes them last?


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