Katie: Sheryl Sandberg Lean In Book Review & Gender Inequality At Work


Katie: Gender Inequality At Work & Home

Do you feel unfairly categorized as the “stay-at-home mom” or dream of doing more with your career? Katie has a can’t-miss all-new episode on March 11 2013 focusing on gender inequality.

Katie: Sheryl Sandberg Lean In Book Review & Gender Inequality At Work

On March 11 2013, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg tells Katie how women need to be confident in their success.


Did you realize that women make 80 cents to every dollar men earn? If you’re tired of being trapped under the glass ceiling, Katie has the tips you can use to dominate the workplace.

Katie: Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg works at the most powerful social network in the world, Facebook. She’s talking to Katie about her new feminist movement and book, Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.

Sandberg is a former Google executive with two Harvard degrees, and she said the thing she is most afraid of is speaking out for women. Her book calls women to embrace success.


Sandberg was named Forbes magazine’s fifth most powerful woman in the world in 2011. She felt uncomfortable and embarrassed to have beaten Michelle Obama to the top of the list. People began congratulating her at work and posting the results on Facebook. She began apologizing and downplaying the achievement. Sandberg’s assistant pulled her aside and told her how damaging her actions were and that they made her look insecure with her success. She urges women in “Lean In” to be more confident.

Katie: Workplace Advice

Getting ahead and staying there are two difficult things to accomplish when you have co-workers beating you down and underestimating you. Katie talks to a female CEO about taking the workplace by storm.

Sandberg’s book goes over several workplace scenarios. She did a case study where she had one powerful person and gave the case study to two groups. One group received the person as “Heidi” and the other “Howard.” The group perceived the person as “Howard” to be an appealing candidate, while they thought “Heidi” was selfish and not an ideal person to work with or for. So how do women begin to change this “Bossypants” perception?

Hold your head high, put on your powerful woman shoes and get ready for the advice you need to succeed.


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