Katie: Pet Peeves – How Do You Get Over the Annoying Stuff & Move On?


Katie: Pet Peeves & How To Solve Them

On April 22 2013, Katie has solutions to all of the things that drive you banana sandwich. From little pet peeves to parenting issues to cleaning the home, Katie is going to address them all. She’s joined on the couch by experts and actress Kym Whitley as they explain what they do to combat the ever annoying pet peeve.

Katie: Pet Peeves - How Do You Get Over the Annoying Stuff & Move On?

On April 22 2013, Katie Couric investigates the most annoying thing in the world, pet peeves. How do you find the patience to deal with your family’s most annoying quirks?


Katie: What Drives You Nuts?

Everyone has something. Something that makes their heart beat faster, their eye start to twitch and their body to shake. It may feel like the whole world is trying to drive you up the wall. This is just a little pet peeve. Some people like to control the music in their car and some people can’t stand it when people don’t use their turn signal while driving. Others want to meticulously clean their fridge more than once a week and some just can’t stand it when people are late.

On this episode, Katie Couric is confessing what drives her nuts and tries to provide answers to things that get you angry.

Katie: Household Chores & Parenting Problems

Some of the biggest pet peeves can occur in your home. How are you supposed to tell your husband “I love you” when he’s constantly leaving the chip bags open? How does your husband find the grace to live with your hair in the drain? The answer may be as simple as counting to 10 and cleaning up after their quirks. Katie stops visitors at a nearby shopping center and asks them what they do when their pet peeves flare up.


Also, how do you combat your parenting peeves? Katie’s experts tell us on April 22 that we can either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.


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