Katie: Nia Vardalos Co-Hosts & Kym Whitley Decision To Become a Mother


Katie: Guest Co-Host Nia Vardalos

Katie Couric is going to have a guest co-host on April 2 2013. The talented Nia Vardalos is going to be guest hosting the show about motherhood and for good reason. She is the mother of an adopted daughter and she knows a thing or two about taking care of a child. Well, she has learned along the way. She admits to Katie Couric that the first time she held her child, she wasn’t even sure how she was going to keep the child alive.

Katie: Jillian Michaels, Two Kids Under Two

Katie: Nia Vardalos Co-Hosts & Kym Whitley Decision To Become a Mother

Katie April 2 2013 is being co-hosted by Nia Vardalos as the two talk about motherhood with Jillian Michaels, Kym Whitely and adopted children. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Jillian Michaels must lead a pretty stressful life. She is an in-demand trainer, she is becoming a pretty big celebrity in her own right and she is also the mother of two children, both under the age of two. She is stopping by Katie to talk about what it is like raising two small children at once, how she continues to be a working mother and she gives some advice on parenting.

I just figured out why she never looks stressed. She literally gets to take out her aggression on The Biggest Loser competitors which she tells everyone is just her way of motivating them to work harder and lose more weight.

I am on to you Jillian Michaels. I know your secret to being a great mother.


Katie: Kym Whitley, One Hour, One Life-Changing Decision

Comedienne Kym Whitley is also stopping by Katie to talk about the one life-changing decision she had to make and how she only had an hour to think about it. She explains to Katie Couric how she only had one hour to decide if she wanted to be a mother or not.

Katie: Adoptions Stories and Reunions

Katie talks with children who have been adopted to hear their amazing stories of courage and hope as they looked for their biological parents.


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