Katie: Mommy’s Little Helper Pills & Xanax Makes You a Better Parent?


Katie: Mommy’s Little Helper

The stress and duties required of moms have been amplified over the years. From the easygoing June Cleaver and Carol Brady to the screaming and stressed Lois on Malcolm in the Middle, it’s clear something has changed. In today’s episode, Katie Couric investigates a new trend for moms: pills. Drugs like Adderall and Xanax speed them up or calm them down to where they think they need to be. But is this what they need to be the best mom they can be?

Katie: Mommy's Little Helper Pills & Xanax Makes You a Better Parent?

On March 5, Katie talks to moms who say they need a little extra help with parenting.


Katie: Super-Mom Confessions

The moms Katie talks to today thought they were doing the right thing. They just wanted to make mommyhood looks effortless and perfect. They are willing to do whatever it takes to be perfect. Some moms just need to relax from their stressful day jobs or full-time parenting duties. Can a glass of wine escalate into something worse?

Along with the perfections they strive for come the side effects. Addiction, alcoholism and withdrawal from family life have been the price some of these moms have paid. Katie talks to moms and experts about stress management and parenting.

Katie: Xanax Makes Me a Better Mom

Katie also sits down with the mom behind the controversial article, “Xanax Makes Me a Better Mom.” This mother thinks it’s normal to take an anti-depressant and that it gives her a rational mindset.


In the article, Hope Chanda said that she would awaken in the middle of the night with panic attacks and would yell when her kids got too frustrating. She and her husband were going through many rounds of fertility treatments to have more children. After speaking with her doctor, Chanda got a prescription for Xanax she said it helped her be more flexible and a better person at a time in her life that was very stressful.

If you could take a pill to be a perfect parent, would you?


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