Katie: Modern Families With Disabilities & Succeeding At Co-Parenting


Katie: Modern Families

The olden days of the nuclear family are fading fast. The norms are changing. On today’s show, Katie Couric talks to families that are throwing out the mold of what is considered a normal family. These families are all about what is the most efficient way to have a relationship.

Katie: Modern Families With Disabilities & Succeeding At Co-Parenting

On March 6 2013, Katie talks to modern families about how they live lives as co-parents.


Katie: Co-Parenting

Katie explores the trend of co- parenting, where the parents are not married or are divorced. Families are making it work and there are a lot of resources on the web for making positive homes with co-parenting styles. The guests explain that marriage isn’t for everyone, but they wanted to have a child.

The problems arise when the co-parents have fights. It seems the number one rule in co-parenting is to not make the child take sides.

Co-Parenting puts a focus on the children. You have to create guidelines, custody agreements and schedules of equal visitation. It’s a lot of work, but these families are making it seem easy.


Katie: Families With Disabilities

Another couple brings to the show their modern lifestyle. The couple has disabilities and they tell Katie how they support each other as a couple.

Katie: Modamily Co-Parenting Website

In a rush to start a family but now sure how to go about it? Singles who want children have a new option. Modamily launched about a year ago and Katie has founder Ivan Fatovic talking about the singles’ rush to have kids. He explained to ABC that divorce is becoming more common and kids are often in the middle. He took marriage and divorce out of the equation and thought that people should put the child before the wedding bells.

Katie: Racism & Discrimination

Also in this episode, two women speak up about experiencing racism in a hospital emergency room. Katie tells the women that they have a lot of courage to take a stand.


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