Katie: Michael Cooney Learns To Walk & Jake Olson First Blind Golfer


Katie March 29 2013 Recap

On March 29 2013, Katie Couric teams up with Reader’s Digest to share truly amazing stories. These people are not magical or supernatural, but they are incredible and defy explanation. Jake Olson is a blind teen with a dream to be a pro golfer. Michael Crowe’s heart healed itself. Marine Sergeant Jeremy Cooney thought his son would never walk, but got a happy surprise when he returned from Afghanistan. All of this and even more on March 29 2013.

Katie: Michael Cooney Learns To Walk & Jake Olson First Blind Golfer

On March 29 2013, Katie Couric talks to families that have experienced miracles of health and finding things they thought were long gone.


Katie: Dreams & Defying Odds

Jake Olson is a teenager who lost his sight at a young age. Despite incredible odds, Jake dreams of being a pro golfer one day. His goal is to be “the first blind golfer on the PGA tour.”

Michael Crowe was just 23 when doctors told him he needed an emergency heart transplant. Miraculously, a heart became available. Even more miraculously, the day of his surgery his heart had literally healed itself.

Katie: Finding Lost Things

Danielle Hatherley Carroll thought her wedding ring was lost forever. She somehow threw it away, but a New York City sanitation worker heard her sad story. He searched through all of the garbage in his truck until her found Carroll’s ring. He said it was all a feeling of faith that lead him on.


Joshua Johnson was accepted to college and his dreams were coming true. Until he saw the bill. Johnson thought all was lost. By applying hard work, his talents and a few lucky breaks, he was able to attend college. He said he didn’t care how much college cost, he was getting there.

Katie: Michael Learns To Walk

While all of these stories are amazing, this one is really heartwarming. Marine Sergeant Jeremy Cooney and his wife Melissa were told that their son would never walk. Michael has cerebral palsy. When Sergeant Cooney came home, he was greeted by Michael taking steps toward him. He said it was one of his favorite moments in life. His father scooped him up and they shared an amazing moment. Melissa said Michael just stood on his own one day.

They credited his school and making communication easier between Michael and the world. Michael is such a happy and proud boy, it’s hard not to tear up at this kid’s accomplishments.


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