Katie: Meryl Streep Cancer PSA Colorectal Cancer Prevention & Research


Katie: Spotlight On Cancer Awareness

Katie: Meryl Streep Cancer PSA Colorectal Cancer Prevention & Research

On March 13 2013, Katie is all-new and talking about preventing colorectal cancer with early screenings and awareness.

On March 13 2013, Katie Couric is continuing to raise awareness for cancer. She’s dedicating the entire show to talking about awareness, hope and prevention. Katie shares her journey with the disease that took both her sister and husband. She’s also sharing the stories of other public figures that have been touched by the disease. She’s premiering the newest public service announcement for colorectal cancer prevention.


Katie: Cancer Prevention

Katie’s show on Wednesday March 13 is dedicated to educating her viewers about cancer. It’s a harsh disease that can affect anyone and any part of your body. Sometimes the disease requires just a removal of the cancerous spots, but other times it’s incurable.

Katie’s husband Jay was taken from her at 42, and three years later her sister Emily was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After their passings, Katie co-founded the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance. She now takes any opportunity she can to educate others about cancer prevention. She says the best ways to make a difference in cancer research and awareness are the following five steps: use your platform, act locally, educate others, change minds and stand up for those you love.


Katie: Stars Speak Out About Cancer

Katie invited Maura Tierney, Blythe Danner, Fran Drescher and Shannon Miller to share how cancer has affected their lives.

Drescher says the best gift you can give a family member is a long, healthy life. Tierney and Miller talk about their diagnoses of cancer. Danner says that one person dies every hour of cancer. These women come together to share their stories and the lives of the ones they lost to cancer. Katie and these strong women hope that by putting a spotlight on this disease we can put more funds and awareness into cancer research.

Katie: Meryl Streep’s PSA Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Meryl Streep is premiering her new public service announcement for colorectal cancer prevention. She reminds us that colorectal cancer is totally preventable but still the number two killer in the country. By having regular screenings you can have relief and peace of mind. It’s important to be in the know and talk to your doctor about early cancer detection.


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