Katie: Maya Rudolph, Mindy Kaling, Eva Longoria & Pretty Little Liars


Katie Couric May 7 2013

Katie’s Hollywood Takeover Week continues in Los Angeles, as Katie Couric chats with Eva Longoria, Maya Rudolph, and Mindy Kaling on her May 7 2013 show. It must be a lot of fun to go on a business trip when your job is to hang out with celebrities.

Katie Show: Maya Rudolph

Katie: Maya Rudolph, Mindy Kaling, Eva Longoria & Pretty Little Liars

From LA, Katie’s May 7 guests include talented women Maya Rudolph, Mindy Kaling, and Eva Longoria. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Maya Rudolph gained a national spotlight during her stint on Saturday Night Live. She is also known for her work in Bridesmaids, as well as a couple sitcom roles in recent years. Some have suggested that a revival of TV’s forgotten variety show format would be the best showcase for Rudolph’s skills as a performer and entertainer. Until she finds the perfect project, you can watch her chatting with Katie Couric on May 7.

Katie Couric: Mindy Kaling & The Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling, once a writer and producer for The Office, now stars in her own Fox sitcom, The Mindy Project. In her spare time, she also dreams about celebrities like Ben Affleck. Have you ever had a dream about a famous person you didn’t actually know?

On May 7, maybe Mindy can explain to Katie why she is so infatuated with celebrities. You can also see her comedy, The Mindy Project, Tuesday nights on Fox.


Katie Couric: Eva Longoria

What’s Eva Longoria been up to since leaving Desperate Housewives? She spent some time working for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign and she also produced the dating reality show Ready For Love. What’s next for the multi-talented star? She’s dishing with Katie Couric on the May 7 talk show.

Katie Show: Pretty Little Liars Behind The Scenes

Magician Justin Willman is known for his sleight of hand and has demonstrated his skills on Ellen in the past. For Katie’s May 7 show, he is blowing the lid off set secrets from the popular ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars. Do you watch this show?

See all this on Katie May 7, and come back to tell me what you thought of the episode from Hollywood.


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