Katie: Marie Osmond Marriage & Son’s Suicide & Emmy Rossum’s Boyfriend


Katie: Marie Osmond On Marriage & Emmy Rossum Finds Love

On April 3 2013, Katie Couric speaks with legendary musician and doll maker Marie Osmond. She tells Katie about remarrying her first husband 25 years later. Marie also talks about her daughter’s recent revelation and her son’s heartbreaking suicide. Then, Shameless star Emmy Rossum tells Katie how she found love on the job.

Katie: Marie Osmond

Katie: Marie Osmond Marriage & Son's Suicide & Emmy Rossum's Boyfriend

On April 3 2013, Katie grills Marie Osmond on her marriage and where she stands on gay rights. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


It’s been an eventful few years for Marie Osmond. Eventful is not always a good thing. In 2010, Marie lost her son Michael when he committed suicide and jumped from an eighth floor balcony. He had battled with depression for many years.

In 2009, Marie became an advocate for gay rights when her daughter Jessica came out. Marie has become more outspoken about her daughter’s rights in recent interviews. The practicing Mormon said she believes in a God of love and that her daughter should have everything she wants in life.

Ending on a happy note, Marie remarried her first husband, Stephen Lyle Craig, in 2011. She wore her original wedding dress from 1982. Marie has lost weight and got back into shape with the help of Dancing with the Stars practices and Nutrisystem.


Katie: Emmy Rossum Dating Tyler Jacob Moore

On Shameless, Emmy Rossum plays Fiona, the oldest Gallagher daughter. She raises her father’s children while he runs off, drinks and gets in trouble with the law. She does whatever it takes for her family to the point of ignoring her own needs. Emmy met her current boyfriend, Tyler Jacob Moore, on the show. Tyler plays a police officer that the Gallaghers have to sweet talk in order to keep out of trouble.

On April 3 2013, Emmy tells Katie about where season two left the Gallagher family and what we could see going into season three. She also gets grilled on her relationship with her co-star. Maybe if we’re lucky, Emmy will perform a song from her new album, Sentimental Journey


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