Katie: Kelly Rutherford Child Custody Battle, Ex-Husband David Giersch


Katie: Kelly Rutherford Custody Battle & Week In Review

On April 19 2013, Katie looks back on the week and talks with Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford. Rutherford’s ex wants to take her children to another country, but she’s fighting back. She tells Katie where the kids are today and how she plans to win them back.

Katie: Kelly Rutherford's Battle For Child Custody vs David Giersch

On April 19 2013, Katie talks to Kelly Rutherford about her custody battle with her ex-husband. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Katie: Kelly Rutherford Fights For Her Children

This episode is all about Kelly Rutherford’s recent divorce and heated custody battle. The Gossip Girl star was devastated when custody of their children, ages six and three, was given to her ex-husband, David Giersch. Giersch has moved the children to live with him in France.

On April 19, Rutherford tells Katie that she has a plan to get her children back. Will the actress win her bid to see her children more often? See all the details of the custody battle on Katie.

Katie: April 15 – 18 Week In Review

This was a crazy week for news. We all woke up on Monday and thought life would be going on as normal. The bombing at the Boston Marathon sent the country spiraling. Katie did a special on the bombing and what we know so far on April 16.


Monday April 15 Katie did an episode on women that have escaped their religious groups. Brave women told their stories about leaving the FLDS church run by Warren Jeffs. Also on April 16, Katie spoke to a woman that left the controversial Westboro Baptist Church. Most of the country was unable to watch this episode due to breaking news, so Katie will re-air it soon.

Wednesday April 17, Katie talked to the cast of Storage Wars and History Detectives. She brought some of her audience members’ hidden treasures to be appraised. Then, Thursday April 18 was all about real-life family reunions. Debra Messing got a surprise from Katie while siblings and parents were reunited.


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