Katie: Jessica Alba Book & Novogratz Eco-Friendly Living Tips & Tricks


Katie: Going Green

On March 14 2013, Katie Couric is going green. She’s bringing in Jessica Alba, head of The Honest Company, to share the purest products on the market. She has designers Cortney and Robert Novogratz teaching us how to make our homes more eco-friendly. Then, Katie is telling us about a new allergy treatment for children’s allergies.

Katie: Jessica Alba Book & Novogratz Eco-Friendly Living Tips & Tricks

On March 14 2013, Katie is going green with Jessica Alba. She’s getting eco home tips from the Novogratz’s.


Katie: Jessica Alba Going Green

After having two kids, Jessica Alba has been going green. She wants to give her kids the safest and purest products she can. As she was putting together her nurseries, Jessica started noticing that green products were not as green as they advertised. She started The Honest Company to give families the products they want without the poisons.

Jessica also wrote the book The Honest Life. It’s like a guide book for everything a new mom needs. She tells readers how to put together the perfect diaper bag, the best products to buy with a newborn and how to look cute after having kids. She told Ellen DeGeneres she wishes she had a book like this when she had her first child.

If you’re wanting to get your family greener and healthier, Jessica Alba is the person to got to.


Katie: Cortney & Robert Novogratz

Cortney and Robert Novogratz combine home decor and eco-friendly materials in their designs. Raising their seven kids and owning a world-renowned design business, the Novogratz’s have been heralded by The Times of London as “the coolest family in the world.

Katie is enlisting the Novogratz’s to redesign a family’s home into an eco-friendly paradise. Tune in for examples on staying eco-friendly and creating a family friendly space.

Katie: New Allergy Treatments

It’s common for kids to have allergies to milk, nuts and wheat. But it seems that allergies are getting worse and worse as the years go on. Katie is talking to some parents and leading experts about a new treatment that will help kids get over their allergies. It’s a peek into the future of medicine on March 14 2013.


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