Katie: Jenny McCarthy Truth or Dare & Jenna Ushkowitz Surprise Gift


Katie: Jenny McCarthy Tips for Being Fabulous Past 40

Jenny McCarthy is stopping by Katie and you know the censors are ready. She is going to be opening up to Katie Couric about her dating life, her family and her secrets to staying healthy after 40.

McCarthy is also discussing her new show on VH1. While the show has not been a super big hit for the network, the show, titled The Jenny McCarthy Show, has been renewed for eight more episodes than were previously scheduled. Either way, the show looks slightly doomed with the original idea for guest bartenders and guest DJs falling through before the seventh episode.


Katie: Jenny McCarthy Truth or Dare & Jenna Ushkowitz Surprise Gift

Katie May 20 2013 talked with Jenny McCarthy about her new show on VH1, Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz gets a surprise & Supernanny Jo Frost helps a family in need. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Is it that hard to find a DJ who needs a gig in LA?

Jenny McCarthy and Katie Couric are also playing Truth or Dare with each other. Katie had to dance with a random person from the audience while Jenny McCarthy picked a much funnier dare.


Supernanny Jo Frost Helps Family in Need

Katie Couric is also inviting Supernanny Jo Frost on the show to help a family in need. From the looks of the show, the family might need more help than Frost can give. This family has two kids who seem to hate each other. They are also climbing on the furniture, wrestling all over the house and they don’t listen to a single thing either of their parents have to say.

Could Jo Frost have met her match or is this just another family she knows she can help?

Jenna Ushkowitz Surprise on Katie

Katie is inviting Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz on the show but while Ushkowitz thinks it is to talk about her role on Glee, Katie has other plans. She has a surprise for Ushkowitz that she will never forget.

Make sure to tune into the show to find out what the surprise is.


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