Katie: Jenny McCarthy Arm Wrestles Katie Couric & Pitbull Performance


Katie: Jenny McCarthy Tips for Being Fabulous Past 40

Jenny McCarthy is stopping by Katie and the two ladies are ready to have some fun. Besides playing a few games together, McCarthy is also going to sit down with Katie to open up about her dating life, her family and her secret to staying healthy after 40.

Katie: Jenny McCarthy Arm Wrestles Katie Couric & Pitbull Performance

Katie Couric May 24 2013 arm wrestles Jenny McCarthy, listens to Pitbull perform his hit single “Outta Nowhere” and she surprises Jenna Ushkowitz.


One of the things McCarthy will be talking about is her new show on VH1, The Jenny McCarthy Show. While the show hasn’t been the biggest hit on TV, it must have gotten enough ratings to satisfy VH1 because the show was renewed for eight more episodes than were previously schedules. Even with the new episodes added to the lineup, the show looks pretty doomed. Not getting picked up for another season after a couple episodes is bad, but not being able to go with the original idea of having guest DJs on every episode is even worse.

Is it that hard to find a DJ in Los Angeles who is looking for work?

Jenny McCarthy and Katie Couric are also playing Truth or Dare with each other. Katie had to dance with a random person from the audience while Jenny McCarthy dared Katie to arm wrestle her.


Pitbull Performs “Outta Nowhere” with Danny Mercer

Pitbull is stopping by Katie to talk with her about his career and he is also going to be performing his ltest single, “Outta Nowhere,” with Danny Mercer.

Jenna Ushkowitz Surprise on Katie

Katie is inviting Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz on the show but while Ushkowitz thinks it is to talk about her role on Glee, Katie has other plans. She has a surprise for Ushkowitz that she will never forget.

Make sure to tune into the show to find out what the surprise is.


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