Katie: Jennifer Lopez Divorce & Jason Statham Stunts and Parker Review


Katie: Jennifer Lopez Divorce & Jason Statham Stunts and Parker Review

Jennifer Lopez will talk to Katie about her divorce and her new beau, Casper Smart. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Katie: Jennifer Lopez & Jason Statham

On March 19 2013, Katie is having a laugh and some girl talk with Jennifer Lopez and her Parker co-star Jason Statham. They’ll talk about Golden Globes fashion, the pressures of celebrity life and the action thriller Parker. 


Jennifer Lopez: Golden Globes Fashion

Jennifer Lopez had a whole closet of dresses brought to her for the Golden Globes. She ended up choosing a very sheer dress with strategically placed lace. While some thought it was scandalous, she loved the dress. It was made by her costume designer for her tour. She said she never listens to the fashion police and the only thing that matters is her opinion.

She said he also made her after party dress, which was a backless, black dress that she had fun dancing in. At the Golden Globes she ran into her ex-flames P.Diddy and Ben Affleck. She said she still talks with them and she emails with Ben all the time. She was very happy for his success.


Katie: Baring It All For the Camera

Jason Statham came out for a talk about taking it all off. There is a scene in Parker where Jennifer had to take it all off for the camera. She said you just have to suck it up and not eat for the days before the shoot.

Jason said the director was excellent at getting the action and thrill to convey on screen. The character had been done before and he had the books to look at for inspiration. He has done a lot of his own stunts in films and his career as a diver helps him with the process. He started high diving as a kid and did it for 10 years. He did three Olympic trials but never went.

Katie: Jennifer Lopez’s Divorce

Lopez’s character is going through a divorce in the film and when she was filming she was going through her divorce. She said she didn’t have trouble evoking the emotions. She called it “a blessing in disguise.” It was the worst time in her life, but she was able to use it as a venting time.


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