Katie In Hollywood: Rod Stewart, Florence Henderson & Favorite TV Moms


Katie Couric May 10 2013

Katie’s Hollywood Takeover is coming to an end, but she still has a few friends to meet before she heads back home to New York. On the May 10 2013 show, she will be talking to classic favorite TV moms. Also on the show, Rod Stewart and his wife will join Katie.

Katie Couric & Rod Stewart

Katie In Hollywood: Rod Stewart, Florence Henderson & Favorite TV Moms

Katie’s Hollywood Week wraps up on May 10 2013 with a performance by Rod Stewart and Katie’s conversation with some of your favorite TV moms of all time. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Rod Stewart is a huge star in the music world, and he is introducing Katie Couric to his wife, Penny Lancaster, on the May 10 episode. Penny is going to spill some secrets about life at home with a rock star. Does a rocker make a good dad?

Also, Rod will be performing for Katie and the audience from his latest album, called Time. Have you heard any of the new music from Rod Stewart? What do you think about his return to original songwriting?

Katie Show: Favorite TV Moms

Through the decades, these women have been surrogate mothers in our living rooms as TV moms in beloved sitcoms. Now they are all sharing a couch and talking to Katie Couric on the May 10 episode.


It’s a full couch, with Patricia Heaton, Cheryl Hines, Florence Henderson, and Phylicia Rashad. Heaton has been a mother on two series: Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle. Hines is now a star of ABC’s Suburgatory.

Florence Henderson is best known from her days on the blended family of The Brady Bunch, and Phylicia Rashad was a force on The Cosby Show. What happens when you get this much star power on one couch?

Maybe Katie can get some great gossip from the sets out of these moms, who represent decades of motherhood on the small screen. Who is your favorite TV mom of all time? Tell me in the comments, and then tune in for Katie’s May 10 show to see the conversation.


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