Katie: Iman & Paulina Porizvoka Anti-Aging Secrets, Bobbi Brown Makeup


Katie: Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed

On April 24 2013, Katie Couric unites her anti-aging team to bring out the best in your skin. Supermodels Iman, Paulina Porizvoka and Veronica Webb are demonstrating how they look younger everyday. Also, learn what the best products for looking young are. And don’t miss Bobbi Brown’s makeup tutorial.

Iman, Paulina Porizvoka and Veronica Webb Supermodel Beauty Secrets

Katie: Iman & Paulina Porizvoka Anti-Aging Secrets, Bobbi Brown Makeup

On April 24 2013, Katie talks to Iman and Paulina Porizvoka about their anti-aging supermodel tricks. Bobbi Brown demonstrates young-looking makeup tips. (image credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


These three women have fought the signs of aging like champions. That’s why Katie Couric has assembled them in her league of anti-aging avengers. They share their tips and tricks on April 24.

Although they are supermodels, I always find it comforting when they mention how they have normal days. Maybe they splurged on a piece of pizza for lunch? What if Iman woke up with a big zit on her forehead today? I think it would be encouraging for the Anti-Aging Avengers to talk about their off days as well as their perfection.

Anti-Aging Beauty Products

You should always check with your dermatologist before beginning these treatments. They have been working with your skin and know what will work best.


The freakiest way women are fighting the signs of aging has to be the Vampire facial. The doctor extracts your blood and then puts it in a giant shaker. The shaker separates the platelets. Those platelets are then put back into your face in hopes of regenerating new platelets and firming your skin. It’s a complicated process and looks pretty painful.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

The models and Bobbi Brown show Katie some of the best makeup tricks to look younger. The number one trick is to keep your foundation coverage light and airy. If you layer on the pancake makeup, you’re going to look even older. You should do light coverage and emphasize your favorite qualities. Don’t go too brash with colors. The lighter the look, the more comfortable and younger you will feel.


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