Katie: Growing Up Transgender & Six-Year-Old Transgender Coy Mathis


Katie: Growing Up Transgender

On today’s show, Katie Couric is delving into a hot topic in the world – growing up transgender. Three families are sharing their stories and struggles about growing up transgender in society. Being transgender means the person was born one gender, but feels that they are meant to be another. They go through surgery and non-invasive cosmetic procedures to get their desired body.

Katie: Growing Up Transgender & Six-Year-Old Transgender Coy Mathis

Katie is talking to three men and women going through gender transitions in “Growing Up Transgender.”


Katie: Six-Year-Old Transgender Coy Mathis

At a time when the most important things in life are toys and birthday parties, the last thing a six-year-old expects to encounter are feelings of being a different gender. Coy Mathis is a biological boy that asked her parents when they could go to the doctor to get her “fixed.” This adorable transgender girl is now working toward being recognized as a girl in school. Looking at Coy you would never know that she was born a boy.

Katie: Transgender Teens

Two transgender teens tell Katie Couric how much they have gone through to be happy. From changing their clothing and hairstyles to taking medical and surgical steps, they said they’ve never felt better than when they are being true to themselves.

Katie: Transgender Hormone Blockers and Social Struggle

With new medicines, these young men and women are having an easier time physically transitioning. New medicines are blocking the effects of puberty, increasing hair growth and lowering voices to get the desired outcome.


But even with looking more natural, transgenders are still having a tough time socially. There is a stigma that surrounds them and confuses society. Are they gay or straight? What parts do they still have? Why do they feel this way? On today’s show, one transgender female tells Katie how she struggled for acceptance from her father.

Barbra Walters: Jazz, Transgender Teen

Last month, Barbra Walters interviewed a young transgender girl, Jazz. Jazz was born a boy, but always felt that she was a girl. She played with girls toys, rejected boy standards and even joined an all girls soccer team. Her family has loved and supported her through it all. They’ve fought for her rights in school and in sports.

Jazz is one of the earliest transition cases in history, leaving many to wonder if she will outgrow this stage. Jazz is currently taking hormone blockers to prevent her from going through male puberty. She travels and makes videos talking about her journey. She’s now navigating teen girl life and is talking to boys about who she is and her transition.



  1. lynda T says

    VERY disappointed. The children today should NOT have been publicly exposed in todays show! This has left these children at the mercy of misunderstanding adults and the cruelty of other children and for what….ratings? I now have no use for the Katie Curic show !

  2. R. J. H. says

    I’m sorry to hear lynda T say that she is disappointed. I’m not. I’m interested in hearing more about the subject of growing up transgender, and wish to thank Katie Couric for reporting on this. Very cool.

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