Katie: Goldie Hawn 10 Mindful Minutes & Deepak Chopra Stress Relief


Katie: Managing Stress

On April 5 2013, Katie Couric has a lesson in de-stressing your life. She speaks with Goldie Hawn about her stress management program for kids, “Mind-Up Program.” Find out just why she loves making people happy. Then, Deepak Chopra joins the conversation with ways to control the stress in your life. He tells us why meditation and reducing cholesterol help you manage stress.

Katie: Goldie Hawn 10 Mindful Minutes & Deepak Chopra Stress Relief

On April 5 2013, Katie Couric talks to Goldie Hawn about her book, 10 Mindful Minutes. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Katie: Goldie Hawn

The audience wears their stressors on their chests on April 5 2013. Goldie says that stress is all in the mind and you can control your thoughts. If you control your thoughts, you can control your stress. She says her biggest stress is medical problems. Katie’s biggest stress is her job.

Goldie said she began dancing at a young age and that taught her about the mind and body connection. When she began her acting career, Goldie’s future was her biggest stress. It taught her about how vulnerability and the future affect you. Goldie says that her early career was a mirror of her daughter Kate Hudson’s career. They both had success early and she was able to coach her daughter through life.

Katie: Mind-Up Program

For the last 10 years, Goldie has been working on a project close to her heart. “Mind-Up Program” gives kids around the world techniques to regulate their emotions and help them learn better. She says that her book 10 Mindful Minutes can help you master your senses and take control in a few minutes a day.


Goldie says that you can use scents and smells to control your emotions. Her favorite scent is jasmine, which is a high scent and makes people happy.

Katie puts together a happy wall on Pinterest to make her happy. She and Goldie add photos to the wall on April 5 that make them smile and feel good. Goldie also suggests taking a rock that feels good to touch and putting it in your pocket. Whenever you touch the rock, think about what you’re grateful for. She says that gratitude is proven to relieve depression.

Katie: Deepak Chopra

Also on this episode, Katie talks to Deepak Chopra about his secrets of fighting stress. He says that eating certain foods can reduce stress (Not just chocolate and sweets). Deepak brings out foods that are the seven colors of the rainbow. The rainbow is made of the colors of light and the foods provide many nutrients that have indirect effects on your brain.


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