Katie: Former Child Stars Mara Wilson & Jaleel White on Amanda Bynes


Katie Couric: Former Child Stars Speak Out About Amanda Bynes

Katie Couric is inviting a number of former child stars on her show to talk about the downfall of Amanda Bynes and to share where they have been since starring in some of our favorite shows from back in the day.

Jaleel White on Amanda Bynes

Jaleel White, from Family Matters, has worked with Amanda Bynes before and he has a lot to say about her public downfall and numerous arrests as of recent.


Katie: Former Child Stars Mara Wilson & Jaleel White on Amanda Bynes

Katie Couric June 3 2013 is inviting former child stars like Mara Wilson and Jaleel Smith on the show to get their take on Amanda Bynes hitting rock bottom.
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He tells Katie Couric he worked with her in Big, Fat Liar and he wanted to take an easy on her but he didn’t hold back. He didn’t agree with her going on Twitter to bad mouth other celebrities by calling them ugly, but he also acknowledged the only thing he can do is pray for her to make better decisions.

“She has no clue the train is not on the tracks right now,” said Jaleel White.


Matilda Star, Mara Wilson, on Out of Control Child Stars

Recently Mara Wilson, who played the original Matilda in the movie of the same name, wrote an article for Cracked about why child stars are always the ones who lose control so Katie Couric invited her on the show to discuss her feelings about Amanda Bynes.

Katie Couric pointed out that we see the same thing happen over and over to young Hollywood stars who fall victim to scandal and drugs and she felt like they are really struggling.

Mara said she felt for these actors, using Lindsay Lohan as an example, saying she was forced into acting at a young age so she doesn’t know how to do anything else.

“Amanda Bynes had so much power and so much going on and now she doesn’t have that anymore. She doesn’t have a steady career anymore. They have the stability when they are young and then they lose it,” said Wilson.

Jonathan Lipnicki All Grown Up

Remember the super cute kid in Jerry Maguire who kept repeating the fact that the human head weighs eight pounds? Well, Jonathan Lipnicki is all grown up now and he is stopping by Katie to fill everyone in on what he has been up to for the past 10 years.


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