Katie: Find Hidden Money In Your Home & Toy Hunter’s Jordan Hembrough


Katie: Find Hidden Money In Your Home

On April 16 2013, Katie is looking at the hidden money in your home. She says you may have thousands of dollars hidden in your home and not even know it. Katie brings in experts that can help you find treasure in your closet and garage.

History Detectives‘ Elyse Luray and Tukufu Zuberi, the cast of Storage Wars: Texas and Jordan Hembrough from Toy Hunter tell you where to look and what to pay attention to. Celebrity stylist June Ambrose tells you what to look for with spring trends that are coming back in style. Also, some of Katie’s audience get their items appraised.


Katie: Find Hidden Money In Your Home & Toy Hunter's Jordan Hembrough

On April 16 2013, Katie Couric brings you ways to find hidden money in your home.

Katie: Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter

Jordan spent years collecting and selling toys. He started at age 16 with comic book and film collectibles from Star Wars and action heroes. He went on to buy and sell film props and collectible toys for major entertainment companies.

Jordan comes to Katie on April 16 to tell you what you might get for special childhood toys that are gathering dust. This guy keeps Lion-O and a model Deloreon on his desk. I would say he is winning at life.


The cast of Storage Wars: Texas will be a handy tool if you are getting ready to do some spring cleaning. They make a living out of the junk people leave in storage lockers. You don’t even realize what your old Levi’s could sell for if they are in good condition.

Katie: June Ambrose Summer Trends

Also in this episode, hear from June Ambrose, a celebrity stylist. She can tell you what items in your closet might be coming back in style. Also, find out what special spring deals you can get just by watching KatieGet specials on the hottest spring and summer trends before anyone else. 


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