Katie: Debra Messing Smash Review & Boy Living With Young Girl’s Heart


Katie: Debra Messing & Family Reunions

On April 18 2013, Katie chats with Smash star Debra Messing. Then, Katie shares the stories of amazing family reunions. A young man meets the mother of the girl that gave him a new heart. Also, a man searches for his birth mother and finds a brother he never knew about.

Katie: Debra Messing Smash Review & Boy Living With Young Girl's Heart

On April 18 2013, Katie Couric talks to Debra Messing about season two of Smash. Also, two real-life reunions happen right on Katie’s stage. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Katie: Debra Messing

Debra Messing just hasn’t been the same since Will & Grace ended. If only there was some way we could do a Will & Grace reboot. Can I suggest Darren Criss as Will and Chris Colfer as Jack?

On SmashMessing is the successful Broadway lyricist Julia Houston. Julia co-wrote the Marilyn musical that is the show’s focal point. The character has an affair with the actor who played Joe Dimaggio in the first Marilyn workshop.

In this episode of Katie, Katie has a surprise for Messing. Is Katie a Smash fan? Find out on April 18.


Katie: Real-Life Reunions, Boy With a Heart

In the first of two amazing real-life reunions, Katie brings a mother together with her daughter’s heart. When her daughter was killed, she thought she would never get to be with her again. On April 18, the young man that received her daughter’s heart meets the woman who created it. The mother gets to listen to her daughter’s heart for the first time since she died.

Katie: Real-Life Reunions, Birth Mother & Son

Also, Katie reunites a man who was adopted 40 years ago with his birth mother. He finally found her, but had no idea that Katie has brought her to the show. She brings along his biological brother on April 18.


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