Katie Couric’s Howard Stern Interview (He Loves Housewives TV Shows!)


Katie Couric and Howard Stern Exclusive Interview

Katie Couric is inviting one of the most unique on-air radio personalities to ever grace the airwaves, Howard Stern, onto her May 28 2013 episode for an exclusive interview. Howard Stern is going to be opening up about his personal life as well as pushing some of Katie’s buttons.

Katie Couric's Exclusive Interview with Radio Shock Jock Howard Stern

Katie Couric May 28 2013 is sitting down with provocative radio personality Howard Stern to talk America’s Got Talent to his love of Real Housewives.
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Howard Stern Turning the Tables on Katie

Howard Stern isn’t the only one being interviewed during the conversation. Stern is turning the tables on Katie and asking her some very personal questions. Some of them even leave Katie speechless.

Howard Stern: What He’s Like at Home

Howard’s wife Beth is also on the show to talk with Katie about how Howard acts at home. Do you think he is same shock jock when he gets home or is everything he does on air a schtick to get people to tune in? I have a feeling he is a pretty normal person at home and most of what he does on air is not truly who he is.

Howard Stern Loves Housewives

One of Howard Stern’s guiltiest pleasures is watching any of the Housewives shows out now. From The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Howard can not turn the show off. He opens up to Katie about his reality show addiction and why he loves watching the shows so much.


This is going to be one episode of Katie that is going to change how her audience views her show. I mean can you even see Howard Stern sitting down with Katie Couric? It seems like quite the odd couple but it does seem like Howard is trying to turn around his image, from appearing on Katie to being a judge on America’s Got Talent.


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