Katie Couric: What Would Judge Judy Say & W. Kamau Bell Totally Biased


Katie Couric May 15 2013

Wednesday’s show features a variety of guests for Katie Couric’s May 15 episode. They are each bringing something special to the conversation. See what Judy Sheindlin (a.k.a. Judge Judy) has to say about her latest book. Plus, Chris Powell shares a weight loss idea, and late night host W. Kamau Bell is on with Katie.

Katie Show: What Would Judge Judy Say?

Katie Couric: What Would Judge Judy Say & W. Kamau Bell Totally Biased

What would Judge Judy say? She’s telling it to Katie Couric on May 15. (lev radin / Shutterstock.com)


Judge Judy is back in bookstores with a new title for 2013. This one is called What Would Judy Say?, and viewers of her popular courtroom series know that she is not shy and can be very outspoken.

How can her brash attitude help people make better life choices for themselves? Judy is giving advice and discussing the new book on Katie Couric’s May 15 show. She won’t be pulling any punches when it is time to talk tough about relationships.

See what she thinks about couples who live together before marriage. Will her answer surprise you? You’ll have to hear it for yourself to find out.


Katie Couric: Chris Powell Carb Solution

Fitness trainer Chris Powell is no stranger to TV cameras. Now he is showing Katie Couric how you can lose weight and still eat carbs. In fact, there is a way you can lose weight without even feeling guilty about your carb intake.

If you are a carb lover looking for a diet solution, this is your chance. Katie Couric’s show is all new on Wednesday, May 15. Have you ever tried Chris Powell’s diet tips before?

Katie: W. Kamau Bell

From the FX late night series Totally Biased, comedian and host W. Kamau Bell is also visiting Katie’s show. What makes him stand out from the pack in late night television? Tune in to his conversation with Katie and see whether you could be a fan.


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