Katie Couric Mika Brzezinski Body Image & Better Kids Eating Habits


Katie Couric May 14 2013

Could you have a hidden eating disorder? (I’m confused—shouldn’t you know if you have an eating disorder? Wouldn’t you be hiding it from everyone else? Maybe I have a lot to learn.) Katie Couric is tackling the seriously challenging issues of body image in her May 14 show with guest MIka Brzezinski.

Katie Show: Eating Disorders & Body Image

Katie Couric Mika Brzezinski Body Image & Better Kids Eating Habits

Mika Brzezinski’s body image issues are shared by many other women in America. Katie Couric is exploring our relationship with food on her May 14 episode. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


From MSNBC, journalist and author Mika Brzezinski is joining Katie Couric for her May 14 episode. She has written a new book called Obsessed: America’s Food Addiction—And My Own. She is opening up to Katie about how she has struggled to conquer food in her life for years, and the realizations that finally helped her get to a good place.

Mika is one of many Americans who feel guilty and have a bad self-image of themselves because of their relationship to food. What can others learn from what she went through?

You can also check Mika out every weekday morning on MSNBC’s first-thing breakfast of politics and news, Morning Joe. See what she has to say about our national obsessions with food and fitness. That’s coming up.


Katie Couric: Better Kids Eating Habits

When I was a kid, you were told to eat everything on your plate before leaving the table. Now experts may be changing their tune, since this way of thinking could result in higher obesity rates. Did you have this rule when you were growing up?

Katie Couric is talking with experts on May 14 to share guidelines for kids and adults to improve their eating habits. You are never too young or too old to get started. What do you wish you could change about the way you eat every day?

Plus, you may have seen those Dove commercials. What does that social experiment mean for the future of women and their self-confidence? It’s all coming up on Katie’s May 14 show.


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