Katie Couric: Lorena Bobbitt & Aron Ralston – Where Are They Now?


Katie Couric: Lorena Bobbitt Tells Her Story

One the night of June 23 1993, Lorena Bobbitt came home to her husband laying around the house. That night she decided to cut off his member. After she had accomplished the deed, she drove down the street a short while and threw the body part out of the window before calling the police.

At the trial is was found that Lorena and John Bobbitt had quite the traumatic relationship. She claimed he had abused her and forced to her an abortion at one point in her life. Her husband denied the accusations but when he took the stand, most everything he had went against the evidence.


Katie Couric: Lorena Bobbitt & Aron Ralston - Where Are They Now?

Katie Couric June 21 2013 is inviting people associated with some the biggest headlines ever, like Lorena Bobbitt, to talk about where they are now in life.
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Lorena Bobbitt was found not guilty due to insanity. It was argued that she finally snapped under the volatile relationship and that she had been suffering from depression and PTSD due to the abuse. She spent 45 days at a at a state mental hospital and was sent on her way after that.

But where is she now? Katie Couric finds out on June 21.


Katie Couric: Ron Goldman’s Sister

“It is so personal and intimate. It feels like just yesterday,” says Ron Goldman’s sister nearly 18 years after the trial of OJ Simpson and the death of her brother. Katie Couric find out how she has been doing since the death of her brother and how she will continue to cope with the loss.

Aron Ralston on Having No Regrets

Katie Couric also talks with Aron Ralston about what his life has been like since the accident where he had to cut off his own right arm to survive being stuck under a rock. Even afterbooks have been written about him and a movie has been made, Ralston says he life has changed but not that much.

Katie Couric: Oklahoma City Bombing Firefighter

If you remember the Oklahoma City Bombing then you remember Katie’s final guest of the day. He was the firefighter in the iconic picture of him holding a severely injured young child in his hands. He talks with Katie about his decision to take the child and what it meant for him as a firefighter to be a part of the bombing.


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