Katie Couric: Learn to Cope Drug Rehab & Teenage Heroin Intervention


Katie Couric June 10 2013 Recap

On June 10 2013, Kate Couric is tackling a serious issue. More and more families are leaving their prescription drugs in easy access to teens and young adults. Drug problems are invading suburban America and can be a gateway to other serious issues.

Can Prescription Drug Abuse Lead to Heroin Addiction?

Katie Couric: Learn to Cope Drug Rehab & Teenage Heroin Intervention

On June 10 2013, Katie Couric stages an intervention for a teenage heroin addict with the help of Learn to Cope.


You may not even notice the face of Heroin in your home. Katie talks to young adults and addicts on how their addictions gained control over their lives. She says on June 10 that these people don’t look like addicts.

“You wake up with a needle in your harm wondering, how did this happen?” one of Katie’s guests explains.

Katie Couric Hosts Intervention for Young Male Teenager Addicted to Drugs

Even though these young people have admitted their problems, many of them are still under the thumb of drugs. It’s sad how things have gotten so out of control that they see no way out.


“It literally consumes my mind,” a young man tells Kate Couric. “The only bottom I see now is death.”

The young man’s mother hates to see her son so hopeless and lost in drugs. This parent asked Katie for help. They listen to his thoughts and problems and then extend a hand of hope. Katie asks him if he will take the help offered and he tears up.

Learn to Cope Organization Helps Young Adults with Drug Problems

Katie’s Facebook community raised up and sent their well wishes to the people featured on this episode of Katie. They all agreed that resources like Learn to Cope, featured in this episode, are blessings.

“Learn to Cope is a support group for parents and family members dealing with a loved one addicted to heroin, Oxycontin and other drugs,” reads the Learn to Cope homepage. They help people 17 to 26 deal with their addictions and get better. The organization doesn’t want to lose another life to drug addiction.

Find out more about Learn to Cope and advice on getting drugs out of your home on this episode of Katie. 


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