Katie Couric In Las Vegas: Tim McGraw, Pawn Stars & Roseanne


Katie Couric May 3 2013

Katie Couric is hitting the road! Before she takes over Hollywood, she is making a stop in Las Vegas for her May 3 2013 show. The guest list includes Tim McGraw, Roseanne, and the gang from Pawn Stars.

Katie Couric In Las Vegas: Tim McGraw

Katie Couric In Las Vegas: Tim McGraw, Pawn Stars & Roseanne

Katie Couric is in Las Vegas for her May 3 2013 show, with guests including Tim McGraw, the gang from Pawn Stars, and a bus tour of the strip with Roseanne.


Las Vegas may not seem like the ideal place to raise a family, but when you are a performing artist, there is something great about being able to stay in one place. That means more time with the family and a more stable life, while letting the audiences come to you.

One artist who has tried this approach is Tim McGraw, and he is opening up to Katie Couric about how the arrangement works for him, as well as why he gave up drinking. But that’s not all.

The May 3 episode of Katie will also feature some behind the scenes moments with all your favorite artists, including Ne-Yo, Jason Aldean, and Lady Antebellum.


Katie Couric: Pawn Stars

You may have seen the reality show Pawn Stars, where people pawn their belongings in the hopes of striking it rich. All the while, the Pawn Stars experts hope to get a great deal for themselves on something the seller doesn’t know is valuable.

For her Vegas vacation, Katie has brought along something she wants to have appraised. Will she get her money’s worth? Find out on the May 3 episode.

Katie Couric & Roseanne In Las Vegas

Plus, Roseanne Barr is taking Katie Couric on a tour of Sin City. Who knows what trouble these two talkative ladies are going to get into? This show is quite a collection of celebrity guests who want to show Katie around the Las Vegas Strip.

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? If not, find out what you may be missing when Katie Couric shows you the hidden secrets of the city with some of her famous friends on the May 3 episode.


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