Katie Couric: How to De-Clutter Your Life & Piano Strokes to Calm You


Katie Couric: How to De-Clutter Your Life

Calling all pack-rats, hoarders and anyone else who wants to learn how to not only de-clutter their homes, but also how to de-clutter their lives. Katie Couric is bringing on countless experts to go over how to de-clutter all parts of your life, from the kitchen to the bedroom to your car to your mind. If it can be organized, Katie has an expert to give you the organizational tips. She even has an expert who can show you how to de-clutter your digital messes as well.

Katie Couric: How to De-Clutter Your Life & Piano Strokes to Calm You

Katie Couric June 5 2013 has the information you need to de-clutter your home and she is sharing the piano strokes that can calm your immediately.


Katie Couric De-Clutters Her Own Home

Katie Couric is turning the cameras loose in her home, where the ugly truth will be let out. Katie Couric is not an organized person. Design professional Jeffrey Phillip has seen worse though. Katie Couric’s house is nothing compared to some of the other homes he has organized.

Cluttered or not, Phillip has some great tips for getting the house clean in no time and he is going to demonstrate how it can be done right from Katie Couric’s living room. And he even has a big reveal for Katie’s new clutter free home.

Certain Piano Notes Used for Calming

Did you know just playing a few notes on the piano can calm you?


Katie Couric is also going to be revealing the piano strokes you are going to want to know to cool yourself down when you are stressed. Studies have shown certain notes on a piano can clear a cluttered mind and Katie knows exactly which ones to play.

Lucky Viewers Get Clothes from Katie’s Couric’s Closet

While Phillip de-clutter’s Katie Couric’s home, she heads to the closet where she donates tons of clothes to her audience. She is bringing on the lucky fans who were the benefactors of the closet clothing purge to show off what they got from the talk show hosts closet.


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