Katie Couric: Glenn Close Fighting Stigma & Kidnapping Survivors Speak


Katie Couric May 17 2013

What happens when you are held captive? That is the theme of the dramatic Katie Couric episode airing on Friday, May 17 2013. This is a story that has been in the headlines once again recently after a dramatic rescue in Cleveland, Ohio. Katie is talking to kidnapping survivors Katie Beers and Shawn Hornbeck on her May 17 show. Also, don’t miss Glenn Close with a powerful message.

Katie Show: Katie Beers Dungeon

Katie Couric: Glenn Close Fighting Stigma & Kidnapping Survivors Speak

Actress Glenn Close speaks out about mental illness on Katie’s May 17 show. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


At age 10, young Katie Beers was locked in a dungeon. What happened during her captivity, and how did she survive? Beers will talk with Couric in a May 17 interview that parents will not want to miss.

Somehow, Beers managed to convince her captor to set her free. Hear the story from the woman herself. How long do you think you could hold up in captivity?

Katie Couric: Shawn Hornbeck Kidnapping

In another case that made headlines, Sean Hornbeck was found four years after being abducted. What is his life like now, and what advice would he give the women in Cleveland who are starting a new chapter in their lives? That is coming up on Katie’s Friday episode.


Katie Couric: Glenn Close Mental Illness

Actress Glenn Close is known for her dramatic screen roles. But off the clock, she is crusading against the stigma of mental illness. Find out why she wants everyone to let go of their preconceptions and how it could change so many lives for the better. That’s coming up on Katie’s May 17 episode.

What is your favorite Glenn Close role?

Katie Show: Breaking Amish Review

Also, meet the cast of the reality show Breaking Amish and find out what inspired them to leave their lives behind to explore another lifestyle on the TLC series. What is the culture shock like after growing up in such a different environment? See what these young people have to say about Breaking Amish.


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