Katie Couric: Duck Dynasty Vs Swamp People & Rural Reality Feud


Katie Couric May 16 2013

Katie Couric is getting real on her May 16 2013 show. The host is welcoming the casts of two rural reality shows: Duck Dynasty and Swamp People. I bet you at least one clip from this episode is going to end up on E!’s clip show, The Soup. In the meantime, Katie is getting real with some of the year’s biggest reality stars, and they are competing in her Rural Reality Feud.

Katie Show: Duck Dynasty Review

Katie Couric: Duck Dynasty Vs Swamp People & Rural Reality Feud

Katie’s Rural Reality Feud on the May 16 show will pit the stars from Duck Dynasty against cast members from another Southern series, Swamp People. (Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com)


Their reality-sitcom hybrid is a huge success with viewers, and only Katie Couric is introducing you to the newest cast members of A&E’s Duck Dynasty. The Robertson family turned duck calls into a huge empire, raking in millions of dollars on a simple product.

These duck call manufacturers seem to be authentic in all their interviews, so Katie fans should brace themselves for the unvarnished truth. Also, they call Katie Couric “dainty,” which is fairly apt.

You can see the gang from Duck Dynasty on the May 16 2013 episode of Katie. Have you seen their much-talked-about show on cable? It got huge ratings and just concluded its third season this spring.


Katie Couric: Swamp People Review & Rural Reality Feud

In the swamps of Louisiana, you may run into alligators, but hopefully you will run into the stars of Swamp People first. They are alligator hunters, and they are telling Katie just how dangerous their job can be sometimes.

Could you ever imagine having to wrestle an alligator? There is so much that seems like it could go wrong, but I guess it’s like any other job after a while. Maybe we can pick up a few survival tips in case we ever run across any gators in the wild.

Also in this episode, Katie is pitting these reality stars against one another in her Rural Reality Feud. Which family will come out on top? Tune in for Katie’s May 16 episode to find out.


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