Katie Couric: Celine Dion First English Language Album In Six Years


Katie Couric: Celine Dion Exclusive Interview

Katie Couric: Celine Dion First English Language Album In Six Years

Katie Couric has an exclusive interview with Celine Dion. Dion is releasing her first English language album in six years. (image credit: Featureflash,  Shutterstock.com)

On April 25 2013, Katie Couric is having an exclusive sit down with legendary artist Celine Dion. She’s talking about making her first English language album in six years. She’s showing Katie and some show business hopefuls the ins and outs of her studio and where she is recording her new album.


No matter what she’s singing, we’re all thinking, “My Heart Will Go On.”

Celine Dion: Show Business Is Like a Drug

In this interview, Celine talks about the reason she has kept going over the years. She tells Katie that show business is “like a drug.” She surrounds herself with her best friends, parents, sisters and brothers and her husband, Renee. They keep her grounded, but remind her that what she does is wonderful and special. She is able to celebrate her accomplishments while keeping her feet on the ground.

Katie and Celine’s fans have flocked to Katie Couric’s Facebook page to express their excitement over Celine’s return. Many of them grew up listening to her music and love her grace.


Celine Dion’s First English Speaking Album In Six Years

Celine Dion explains that it’s been a while, but she waited for a time when the music would be exciting and fresh. She has duets with Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder on the new album.

She told Katie that she is full of anticipation for the next chapter and what this album will bring.

Celine Dion’s Husband Diagnosed with Cancer

Along with some very personal moments in the studio, Celine is opening up about her home life. She relives the scary moment when her husband, Renee, was diagnosed with cancer. Katie asks Celine about her six IVF treatments and how her three children are doing today.

Celine shares her experience working in Las Vegas and recording her new album at the Palms. Katie says that Celine is holding nothing back about her life and new music.


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