Katie Couric: Bobby Flay BBQ Recipe & MKTO “Thank You” Performance


Katie Couric: Bobby Flay Tasty Barbeque Recipes

Katie Couric is kicking off summer in a big way. She has an entire episode devoted to summertime fun and the first person she is inviting on is Bobby Flay. He is stopping by to share some delicious barbecue recipes for the grill.

Have you heard the rumor Bobby Flay may be joining the cast of Dancing With the Stars next season? He is finally ready to clear up the rumors and he is doing while on Katie Couric’s show.


Katie Couric: Bobby Flay BBQ Recipe & MKTO "Thank You" Performance

Katie Couric June 11 2013 shares some of Bobby Flay’s BBQ recipes, MKTO performance and CD Cupcakes ice cream cupcake and cheeseburger cupcake recipes.

Do you think he is going to be on the show? Can chef’s even dance? He looks like he probably has some good moves.

Jerry O’Connell’s Favorite Outdoor Activities for Kids

Katie Couric’s next guest is Jerry O’Connell who is stopping by to share some of the best ways to get the kids outside this summer. He has some great ideas for outdoor activities and the best part is they are all family friendly.


DC Cupcakes Cheeseburger Cupcake Recipe

DC Cupcakes is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to cupcakes and this summer they are nearly pushing the envelope off the table. They are stopping by Katie to talk about their new summer cupcake, the cheeseburger cupcake.

Sounds kind of gross to me.

Anyways, the ladies of DC Cupcakes are also sharing their ice cream cupcake recipe with everyone tuning in.

That one sounds a bit better, although I still think I would just want a normal cupcake if I was at a barbeque.

MKTO Performs “Thank You” for First Time on National Television

The musical duo of Malcolm Kelley, best known for his role in Lost, and Tony Oller, better known by their stage name MKTO, are going to be performing their hit single, “Thank You,” for the first time on national television during Katie’s June 11 2013 episode.



  1. Robin Levan says

    Katie, I loved your summer time show but I have looked everywhere for your giveaway of two plane tickets. I am like you, I don’t like messy cupcakes either. I loved your talk with Jerry. I like him in movies.I hope you don’t get canceled!!!!! Thanks.
    Robin Levan
    Knoxville, Tn.

  2. Robin Beeson says

    I have looked everywhere but cannot find the recipes from your summertime show with Bobby Flay. Please help!

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