Katie: Childhood Obesity Discussion, Michelle Obama & Richard Simmons


Katie: Richard Simmons & Michelle Obama Talk Childhood Obesity

On April 10 2013, Katie Couric tackles the subject of childhood obesity. Katie shares stories from children who have overcome weight issues. First Lady Michelle Obama is leading the movement against childhood obesity. Katie gets advice on keeping kids healthy. Then, exercise star Richard Simmons helps Katie share stories and tips on weight loss.

Katie: Childhood Obesity Discussion, Michelle Obama & Richard Simmons

On April 10 2013, Katie talks about beating childhood obesity with First Lady Michelle Obama and exercise guru Richard Simmons.


Katie: Childhood Obesity

School food was never the best cuisine in the world. French fries soaked in oil, bagels and cream cheese and soda machines weren’t exactly brain food. Katie is taking a look at the cause and effect of childhood obesity. Right off the bat less energy and inactivity are what come to mind.

Katie talks to kids on April 10 who beat childhood obesity. They were mercilessly teased and now they are sharing their success stories. Will their stories influence other kids to make a lifestyle change?

Katie: First Lady Michelle Obama

After becoming First Lady, Michelle Obama decided to wage a war against childhood obesity. Her Let’s Move campaign wants to get kids up and moving. She wants kids to pick up veggies instead of fudge rounds and fruits instead of donuts.


Michelle Obama has been working towards a healthier America with healthy school lunches. While there are always salad options and getting rid of soda isn’t a bad idea, very few things are better than chicken nugget day. Am I right?

Katie: Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons has been a workout guru for years. I’m always a little shocked to see this 64-year-old jazzercising. He’s usually helping pregnant women and older women get in shape, but with the recent war on childhood obesity, Simmons is helping teens and kids get moving.

I’m hoping that he gets Katie in leg warmers and a neon sweatband for some exercising. That’s half the fun of getting in shape after all. Who doesn’t love cute workout clothes?


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