Katie: Chelsea Handler Cocktail Contest & Cyndi Lauper Reality Show


Katie: Upside Down Friday Happy Hour

It’s Katie Couric’s “Fun Friday” on March 8 2013. She’s having a cocktail making competition and trying AntiGravity Yoga. She’s interviewing Chelsea Handler, and then both of them are talking to Cyndi Lauper. All this and spring fashion trends on today’s Katie. 

Katie: Chelsea Handler

Katie: Chelsea Handler Cocktail Contest & Cyndi Lauper Reality Show

On March 8 2013, Chelsea Handler makes cocktails and chats with Cyndi Lauper and Katie. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Chelsea Handler joins Katie for more than an interview. She’s shadowing Katie throughout the episode to learn a little more about daytime television. Chelsea is the host of late night talk show Chelsea Lately on E! She’s used to dirty panel discussion about the week’s celebrity gossip and interviews with celebrities. She only gets to do one of those on daytime. 

Chelsea tells Katie about her fast growing E! empire and the new hit to come out of it, After LatelyShe pulls her writers, staff and guests from the show together to do a scripted reenactment of the silliness they get into while preparing for the show.

Katie: Springtime Fashions

Chelsea and Katie get a preview of the latest spring trends. This season: whites are the new neutral, tropical florals give flowers a kick and lucite on accessories. While Katie presents the fashions, here’s hoping Chelsea pokes fun at some of them. Chelsea likes fashion, but she wears what she wants, when she wants to. This is the woman that wore a toga in Rome.


Katie: Cocktail Competition

The women then travel to happy hour and have a cocktail competition.  I have a feeling Chelsea’s got this one beat. She’s no lush, but Chelsea talks in her memoirs about how much she loves a good, strong drink. I have a feeling that she can not only make the presentation look great, but she’ll best Katie.

Katie: Cyndi Lauper

The woman who knows that “Girls Just Want To Have Fun,” Cyndi Lauper, joins Katie and Chelsea. She’s judging their cocktail competition and then sitting down for an interview. She doesn’t need to share much. You can see an inside look of Cyndi’s life on Cyndi Lauper: Still So Unusual on WE tv.

Katie: AntiGravity Yoga

Now that they’ve expended all their energy interviewing and drinking, Katie and Chelsea relax with AntiGravity Yoga. That just sounds the opposite of relaxing. They hang from the ceiling by thick straps and practice strength training yoga moves.

Join Katie for Cirque de Soleil Friday with Chelsea Handler on March 8 2013.


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